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16 jul. 2015


Soft Power is an all female group exhibition held by Leo Gallery. A Phoenix is a symbolic metaphor for the female gender, royal power and vitality in the Chinese culture. It is an embodiment of strength, nobility and beauty. This is the third all female group exhibition held by Leo Gallery's Shanghai Gallery space on Ferguson Lane. This exhibition will feature paintings, sculptures, installations, videos and pictures from six female artists from China, Thailand, Spain and Austria. This collection of artworks highlight the soft power of women in our time.
Collective Exhibition at Leo Gallery (Shanghai)_Invitation_Mariasun Salgado
1-6 Artist piece sellection

Soft Power 2015 - A female artists group exhibition
Opening5-7pmJuly 25
Duration: July 26--Oct 24
Artists: Dong Zi (China) , Peng Wei(China), Mariasun Salgado de la Rosa (Spain), Sutthirat SupaparinyaThailand, Xenia HausnerAustria), Zhang QiushiChina)

1_Dong Zi, The King Is So Happy Today, Ink Painting, 103 pieces, 2015 / 2_ Peng Wei,Stone Film, Film, Ink, 120x360cm, 2009 / 3_ Mariasun Salgado de la Rosa, Pompidou IV, Aluminum Composite panel, Digital Illustration (Mixed Media), 170 x 102 cm / 4_ Xenia Hausner, CHINA CLUB, Oil on paper on Dibond, 135x280 cm, 2015 / 5_ Sutthirat Supaparinya, When Need Moves The Earth 3 - channel video, Audio, Apple ProRes 422 File,16:9, 1920 × 1080 pixel/channel Colour, 20 min 25 sec, 25 fps ,2014 / 6_ Zhang Qiushi, Piling of Rockeries, 44.5×210cm×4, Rice paper LED light, 2015